Hotel in Fano? We present the CasaDei hotel, in the Marche region, the best 3-star hotel with a beach that you can choose. Among the hotels in Fano, the Hotel CasaDei prides itself on being one of the most; appreciated 3-star hotels in the Marches for hospitality, services and location (practically one of the few hotels overlooking the sea in Fano).

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Christmas in Fano? Discover 40 days of pure magic and fun.

Hotel CasaDei

Will you be in the Marche region for these Christmas holidays? If you pass through Fano, you cannot miss the program set for the entire month of December and beyond, which goes under the name of "Il Natale più". Inaugurated last November 26, it's a crescendo of events, meetings, and opportunities for socializing and conviviality in the spirit of Christmas. Local promoters and organizers for 2024, which is a very important year for our region, have really committed a lot. A total of 40 days that will therefore mark the course of city life. Many attractions, more lights, more sounds, and even more actors involved compared to last year, in "a participated and innovative project", according to the words of the organizers. But let's discover why Fano becomes even more beautiful during this time of the year.

From the markets to the Christmas village at Pincio

Mayor Seri shines a spotlight on a vast community that has carried forward a Christmas festivity program, far exceeding expectations compared to 2014, the year in which it all began. Carefully cultivated ideas have become reference points, giving life to three centers of gravity in the organic calendar of "The Christmas you don't expect". From the markets at Pincio to the shows in Piazza XX Settembre, the real novelty of this year is the former church of San Francesco, transformed with a special setup of lights and colors designed by Stark di Paolo Buroni, financed through a regional call. Then there's the return of the ice rink, again set up in the parking lot of Via XXIV Maggio. The president of the Pro loco Fanum Fortunae Grandicelli highlights its zero cost. Meanwhile, the Christmas tree, majestic at twelve meters, finds a home in Fano thanks to the generosity of a family, the Mariottis. The original lighting has been restored, extending to all the main streets of the center. Moreover, the Christmas village at Pincio, open from November 25, becomes the ideal location for families with children.

Tradition and music: enchanted atmospheres throughout the city

And always Pincio transforms into a magical place that hosts the nativity scenes in the "Streets of the nativity scenes", with particular emphasis on the one with the dioramas of San Marco. If you are out and about with children, you cannot miss Santa's house: an essential stop for the little ones. The Christmas atmosphere is made even more evocative thanks to the sound system, enriched by the music of "Fano jazz winter" and by itinerant performances. Many novelties also for music lovers, who will find what they are looking for. The traditional gospel concert, in fact, will feature a formation from Florida, performing for the first time in Europe. And for the last day of the year, a big party! Citizens and tourists will be able to greet the New Year in the square, wishing good luck for 2024, but there will also be space for the fifteenth "San Costanzo Show" in the theater. In short, there is really something for all tastes and preferences.

Fano shines: a Christmas to remember, a city to discover

Fano is therefore preparing for a sparkling Christmas with a series of spectacular events. We at the Hotel CasaDei staff suggest you discover the winter magic of Fano, inviting you to experience the city even during the cold season. Live Christmas joyfully, and after that, get ready for a summer stay at our hotel, perfect for you and your family, between fun and beaches. Fano awaits you with a series of unforgettable appointments.


 Christmas in Fano? Discover 40 days of pure magic and fun.