Hotel in Fano? We present the CasaDei hotel, in the Marche region, the best 3-star hotel with a beach that you can choose. Among the hotels in Fano, the Hotel CasaDei prides itself on being one of the most; appreciated 3-star hotels in the Marches for hospitality, services and location (practically one of the few hotels overlooking the sea in Fano).

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Open from April to September

Welcome to the website of the Hotel CasaDei in Fano

Discovering Ponte Sasso: the beautiful coastline that connects Fano to Marotta.

Hotel CasaDei

Ponte Sasso in Fano is a 3-kilometer coastal stretch that extends all the way to Marotta. In recent years, it has seen a proliferation of services designed to cater to tourists. While it is not located in the heart of the city center, this stretch of beach offers a truly relaxing experience. Let's discover the reasons for its charm.

An Area Known as an "Open-Air Tourist Village"

Our establishment, Hotel CasaDei, is located in the beautiful area of Torrette di Fano, the perfect place for those who enjoy strolling. Torrette can be reached through a scenic walk that can start from the Ponte sul Metauro, not far from the historic center, leading to what we can describe as an "open-air tourist village": Torrette. But if we want to explore Ponte Sasso, we need to continue on the coastal road. Leaving Torrette, we will find ourselves traveling a long stretch of about 3 kilometers, which will take us to the southern border of the Municipality of Fano. This entire coastline that unfolds before us is Ponte Sasso.

An Oasis of Relaxation and Touristic Diversity

As we move away from the city of Fano, we encounter significantly more relaxing tourist situations, where it is finally possible to park easily and enjoy more freedom, away from the city hustle and bustle. Ponte Sasso embodies this atmosphere: kilometers of various facilities and services designed to provide a comfortable experience, yet conveniently close to the center of Fano and the entire territory of northern Marche. Ponte Sasso's promenade extends for 3 kilometers, offering a rich variety of facilities. You will find numerous tourist residences with tourist-owned apartments, vacation homes, and a range of hotels to suit all needs (including ours): from options with pools and play areas for families to more budget-friendly solutions. In addition, there are large campsites, restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, and public and private playgrounds, among other amenities.

Beaches for All Preferences and Paths for Walk Enthusiasts

In the area, tourist facilities alternate with unused spaces, making it easy to find a place to relax before taking a dip in the sea. Along the beach, you will find a wide range of welcoming facilities of various sizes and types, suitable for every taste. The establishments are designed for young people, families, and even animal lovers. Sandy and pebbly beaches alternate with sections of free beach, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your preferences. But there's more: unlike other areas, Ponte Sasso offers two parallel roads that run along the promenade. One is dedicated to vehicular traffic, while the other, right next to the beach, offers a beautiful walk ideal for skaters, skaters, cyclists, and enthusiasts of long walks. Local operators call it "Ponte Sasso Center (by the sea)" or "the pedestrian island," a true paradise for those who enjoy walking, running, or engaging in other outdoor sports, thanks to the vast expanse of beach and promenade.

Hotel CasaDei: The Best Family Hotel in Fano

In short, if you desire the freedom to move about in peace without sacrificing the proximity to the city, if you love strolling on the shore without obstacles, Ponte Sasso is the perfect choice. And if you are looking for a hotel to stay in for your vacation, a weekend, or even just for one night, Hotel CasaDei is your ideal destination. For over half a century, our family has welcomed tourists and guests, building friendly and amicable relationships every time. For two generations, we continue to be considered the best family hotel in Fano.


Discovering Ponte Sasso: the beautiful coastline that connects Fano to Marotta.