Hotel in Fano? We present the CasaDei hotel, in the Marche region, the best 3-star hotel with a beach that you can choose. Among the hotels in Fano, the Hotel CasaDei prides itself on being one of the most; appreciated 3-star hotels in the Marches for hospitality, services and location (practically one of the few hotels overlooking the sea in Fano).

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Open from April to September

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In and around Fano with kids? Here's everything you can do

Hotel CasaDei

Planning a day or a weekend in Fano with kids? Know that the city has a lot to offer for the little ones. Here, indeed, fun is guaranteed! Let's then see all the things you can do during your stay at the Hotel CasaDei.

A Visit to Sasso Simone and Simoncello National Park for Nature Trails

For nature enthusiasts, a visit to Sasso Simone and Simoncello National Park is a must. This place offers endless meadows, rocky promontories, and pristine forests ready to be explored by respectful visitors. For those wanting to delight their children, the botanical garden and wildlife park are ideal destinations. Here, kids can make friends with farm animals and observe the wild animals inhabiting the park, including deer, frogs, newts, and wild boars, while maintaining a safe distance.

Little Explorers at Carpegna Park

If your young explorers have gotten used to the outdoor life in the natural park, they might enjoy a day of adventure at Carpegna Park. They'll go wild with routes through trees, rocks, ropes, and pulleys, perfect for little ones from three years and up. Here then, the children can test their archery skills, develop a sense of orientation, participate in a treasure hunt, and immerse themselves in a walk through the woods. But, be warned, it will be very difficult at the end of the day to convince them to leave! A solution, in case of tantrums, can be granting them another day of adventure at the park recommended for children from 6 years and up, located nearby, and staying in our family-friendly Hotel.

Out of the City: The Fairy Wood of Urbania

To literally let the imagination soar, and if you have a little more time, we recommend not missing the Fairy Wood in Urbania, a few kilometers from Fano. It's a magical place, where little ones can discover and learn many things about the incredible and magical creatures that inhabit the forest, following a real Fantastic Path. The trail winds for one and a half kilometers and includes little houses, statues of fairies, animal shapes, and signs with drawings and stories of the tiny creatures that live among the trees. The story of the Fairy Wood is fascinating. The inhabitants of the Wood, in fact, originally came from the county of Biartèn in Transylvania, where the lordship had all the forests cut down to sell the timber. Elves, gnomes, and all the forest inhabitants were evicted and had to wander around Europe to find a new home. The Pitìc family decided to stop right in the small secluded valley that starts from the Fonte dell'Orsa and reaches up to San Martino. Even today, visiting the Fairy Wood, one can sense the presence of those strange and somewhat mysterious creatures that wake up at sunset and fall asleep at dawn. The Fairy Wood is open only on Sundays and holidays, when workshops and family activities take place. Alternatively, it can only be visited by reservation. The philosophy of the park is to reconnect with nature and bring children closer to the forest and countryside, also promoting sustainability.

In short, in Fano and its surroundings, there's never a dull moment, especially when accompanied by children. Our beautiful city and the surrounding area offer a wide choice of activities and attractions for all tastes and ages, allowing you to spend moments of fun and leisure with the family. And if you have planned a stay for you and your family, there's nothing better than stopping at the Hotel CasaDei, perfect for your travels, even with children.


In and around Fano with kids? Here's everything you can do