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Pesaro Capital of Culture 2024: The Program and Where to Stay

Hotel CasaDei

Pesaro, a vibrant city in the Marche region of Italy, is preparing to become the Italian Capital of Culture in 2024. This recognition highlights not just the beauty and uniqueness of Pesaro's territory but also its commitment to connecting art, nature, and technology. Throughout 2024, Pesaro is set to organize a series of events aimed at hosting tourists from all over the world and, for this reason, our hotel Casadei in Fano will be available to welcome anyone wishing to experience these events from late May.

The Pesaro Italian Capital of Culture 2024 Program

The Pesaro 2024 program is structured around eight strategic axes that reflect the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. These include the rewriting of public spaces, sustainable mobility, urban regeneration, social innovation, the environment, new spaces of democracy, creative bureaucracy, and sustainable tourism along with creative industries. The program, starting in 2023 and extending until 2025, involves citizens, institutions, associations, and both national and international artists, projecting itself onto the 50 municipalities of the Pesaro and Urbino province, from the Apennines to the Adriatic.

The Pesaro 2024 cultural calendar includes a wide range of events such as concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances, film screenings, festivals, workshops, residencies, meetings, and debates. The goal is to open new spaces dedicated to culture and to realize special projects, all in line with the themes of the candidacy.

Among the most notable projects is the SONOSFERA®, an acoustic theater for the deep listening of ecosystems and music. This initiative is one of the 45 new special cultural projects planned, which are supplemented by 20 community projects and 19 institutional projects, in addition to six major events.

Pesaro's aspiration for 2024 is not only to celebrate culture in all its forms but also to promote a collective vision that unites art, nature, and technology in a continuous and sustainable dialogue, thus transforming the city and its territory into a living laboratory of innovative cultural ideas.

Mayor Matteo Ricci on Pesaro Capital of Culture

«It will be a grand year, we are all working hard because we are aware that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In 2024, the city must make a good impression, to have a multiplying return in the following years», emphasized Mayor Matteo Ricci, who then elaborated: «The project we are building will be sustainable and involves the entire community, for this reason, it requires the collaboration of many entities. At this moment, we feel like coaches who have a great talent in their hands, a land that thanks to the Italian Capital of Culture is more known, and now finds itself playing a championship to assert itself as a champion. We cannot make a mistake». Among the actions already underway are presentations abroad, «New York, Berlin, Munich, opportunities that we will use to present Pesaro 2024, also involving local enterprises».

If you want to know everything about the city of Pesaro, click here and download the informative PDF.


 Pesaro Capital of Culture 2024: The Program and Where to Stay